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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.

Saia PG5® Controls Suite

  • The Saia PG5® Controls Suite contains everything required to implement and operate automation solutions with SBC instrumentation, control and automation (ICA) devices.
    This includes programming and engineering tools as well as libraries and ready-made logic, regulation and automation modules. It also contains application software for Windows PCs.

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System Catalogue
Software for Windows PCs

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Saia PG5® Core

The Saia PG5® Core contains the following components:

  • Project Manager (administers complex installations of networked PCD controllers, including documentation)
  • Network Configurator (integrated network editors for theconfiguration of devices and communications networks)
  • Device Configurator (configuration of hardware parameters on the controller)
  • Symbol Editor (administers all local, global and network symbols and symbol groups.
    Auto-allocation largely dispenses with the need for fixed addressing)
  • Programming methods (integrated programming environments: FUPLA [function block diagram], S-Edit [instruction list IL] and Graftec [sequential function chart] )
  • Libs (standard libraries which quickly and easily enable all the core functions of the ICA/automation technology)
  • WebEditor (for WebSCADA functions in every controller)
  • PG5-Projectmanager

    The configurations and applications are created, changed and managed in the Saia® PG5 Project Manager. The Saia® PG5 Project
    Manager is the central linchpin for all work with Saia® PCD controllers.

  • Saia PG5® FUPLA (function block diagram)

    FUPLA is Saia®’s own function block diagram editor. It differs in many respects from other graphical programming interfaces:


    • One FUPLA file can contain several program blocks. This means that one file can encompass an entire machine function. In symbolic programming, each program block is given an individual symbol name. This prevents collisions during the build.
    • FUPLA blocks are organized into pages. Each page can produce several outputs so that entire functions can be seen at a glance on one page.
    • Graphical functions (FBoxes) not only have inputs and outputs, but also parameter windows for configuring and online modification.

Link to the different PG5 versions

PG5 2.0 / PG5

  • Why it’s not possible to access over serial PGU or S-Bus to the PCD, error message ‘Error 99: Can’t open port comx’ is shown in the PG5 debugger? (FAQ #101977)
  • In PG5, it’s possible to update the initial values of DB elements with the actual online values used on the PCD? (FAQ #101960)
  • Why the S-Bus communication over TCP/IP between PCD’s doesn’t work anymore? (FAQ #101679)
  • Information’s about TAPI modem settings on PG5. (FAQ #100891)
  • Where to find the FAQ's regarding PG5 (FAQ #100006)

PCD7 / D7xx

  • Until when are PCD7.D7xx devices repaired? (FAQ #101584)
  • Where from can I get the article 4 507 4815 0? (FAQ #101536)
  • New boot version for PCD7.D761(ET), PCD7.D763(ET), PCD7.D771(ET)! (FAQ #101499)
  • Is PCD8.D81W supported by Windows 7? (FAQ #101459)
  • Is it possible to convert a project from PCD7.D7xx to PCD7.D7xxET display? (FAQ #101434)
  • The special FBox library PCD7_D7 is now available for PG5 2.0. (FAQ #101356)
  • PCD7.D763 displays a black screen or is frozen, it has lost the calibration: use VTWIN 5.22 (link included) (FAQ #101196)
  • Until when can a PCD7.D776 or a PCD7.D776ET be repaired? (FAQ #101158)
  • Bad communication over TCP/IP between PCD7.D7xx displays and PCD controllers! (FAQ #101019)
  • Why are there gaps in trend? (FAQ #100938)
  • How can I recalibrate the touch area from a PCD7.D7xx panel? (FAQ #100868)
  • PCD7.D761 displays a black screen, it has lost the calibration! (FAQ #100823)
  • PCD7.D776 loses contrast settings! (FAQ #100716)
  • URL Jump doesn't work with Microbrowser CE Terminal (FAQ #100617)
  • Why has the VT Win project such a huge size? (FAQ #100543)
  • USB to RS232 converter (FAQ #100512)
  • How can the clock of a PCD7.D7xx be written by the PCD? (FAQ #100487)
  • PCD7.D761 / D763 loses communication on Profi S-Bus! (FAQ #100477)
  • Import of global Saia PG5® symbols into VTWIN (PCD8.D81W)! (FAQ #100421)
  • Profi-S-Bus wiring of PCD7.D7xx (FAQ #100402)
  • What connector and cable typ should be used? (FAQ #100369)
  • Why are LED, F-Key and Buzzer variables not supported in Topology Bus Terminals? (FAQ #100361)
  • PCD7.D776 got blocked through programme download! (FAQ #100290)
  • Project download to PCDs with ethernet interface and to PCD7.D7xxET via ISDN router (FAQ #100251)
  • The touch screen of PCD7.D785 /788 / D787(ET) / D786 (ET) / D776 (ET) displays is blocked! (FAQ #100195)
  • PCD7.D7xx terminal works on PGU port of PCD2.M110 but not on PGU port of PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100188)
  • PCD7.D7__ET: not possible to download the programme over Ethernet! (FAQ #100125)
  • PCD7.D7xx terminals as DP Slave (FAQ #100124)
  • Calibration of Touch Screen Terminal lost for PCD7.D78_ (FAQ #100122)
  • PCD7.D7xx Terminal accessing PCD's via a Gateway station (FAQ #100003)
  • No communication between a PCD7.D7xx terminal and one or several PCD's (FAQ #100002)

S-Web Technology

  • On HTML5 Web-Projects, created with Web-Editor8, why it is not possible to transfer the user and password after a url jump as it was possible on Java/MB? (FAQ #102035)
  • HDLog in WE8: slow navigation (FAQ #101965)
  • What means the error "Out of memory heap 3" (FAQ #101962)
  • Why I get Message Window"Do you want to run this application?" by starting a Webproject? (FAQ #101952)
  • Why IMaster Java Applet no longer run with Chrome? (FAQ #101951)
  • After a „Reload“, the displayed HDLog Trend is not focused on the right, most actual, time (FAQ #101945)
  • Web-Editor8, why the content of the Container variable is not displayed on the web-browser or the MB-display? (FAQ #101925)
  • Why after a update of the Microbrowser Android app to the version 2.0.0_4 the error message 'file not found' is shown? (FAQ #101918)
  • Why the error message ‘no such component found’ is shown on the web page? (FAQ #101917)
  • After the update of Java to Java version 7, (update 6 or 7) a Java warning message is shown on my PC browser when accessing a web page stored on the PCD. (FAQ #101793)
  • How to change the Favicon of a Web Project (FAQ #101782)
  • WebEditor project with HDLog File to flash-memory: macro tries to load a wrong CSV-File (FAQ #101737)
  • Why does the Micro Browser stop working with Error "File not found xxxx.teq"? (FAQ #101724)
  • File written to the file system by the PCD can’t be accessed with HTTP protocol (FAQ #101686)
  • What means the Error-6./alarm.exe?-6&sta failed? (FAQ #101674)
  • Why are the Webserver password levels not working with firmware 1.14.xx or later? (FAQ #101613)
  • How to disable borders and scrollbars when running the Microsoft Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode? (FAQ #101588)
  • Are there known problems when accessing the PCD FTP server with FileZilla? (FAQ #101586)
  • Why doesn't the Web Builder from PG5 2.0 find the license? (FAQ #101585)
  • What do parameters 'speed' and 'priority' mean which get displayed on the status page of the PCD? (FAQ #101513)
  • How long can I record data with the "HDLog to File FBox" (in csv format) using a 1 GB SD Card? (FAQ #101437)
  • How many web-clients can be connected at the same time to the S-Web Server over Ether-S-Bus? (FAQ #101431)
  • Problem with the FBox HD Log to File if the dynamic space of registers is defined as <1000 or >=10 000 (FAQ #101429)
  • Why is the same entry created several times by the "HDLog to File" FBox library? (FAQ #101421)
  • Which GIF-file formats are supported by the SBC S-Web technologies and how can I generate such GIFs? (FAQ #101409)
  • Why is it not possible to compile the project if I add a curve in the HDLog to file macro? (FAQ #101375)
  • Practical settings for the alarming macro in use with DDC Suite (FAQ #101342)
  • How many HDLog trend variables can I log into one single CSV-file? (FAQ #101341)
  • S-Web Editor recommendations for VGA MicroBrowser Panel projects (FAQ #101340)
  • Why does the S-Web Editor warn about deletion of unused HTML tags in csv-file? (FAQ #101338)
  • How can I prevent the Java Applet to be re-loaded when displaying my WebEditor created web pages? (FAQ #101288)
  • Why do I get an error message "Internal symbols not defined" when building a PG5 project with HDLog file FBoxes? (FAQ #101263)
  • Why is it not possible to compile a PG5 project containing a Web-Builder file on a PC with Chinese Windows? (FAQ #101250)
  • Why is the webpage not displayed? Class not found exception (FAQ #101230)
  • It’s possible to protect my web pages stored on the PCD, so that they can’t be copied? (FAQ #101229)
  • How to load a web application from a PCD/PCS (without Ethernet port) to a remote PC with the use of a CE web-panel? (FAQ #101215)
  • Why is the webpage not displayed? Class not found exception. Strange characters are displayed on top of the webpage. (FAQ #101200)
  • What is the "WebServer2" on Saia PCD® COSinus systems? (FAQ #101191)
  • Has the Web Server Time Allocation any influence? (FAQ #101179)
  • How to hide the address bar on the IE7 or to put IE7 in to full screen mode? (FAQ #101148)
  • Why the webpage is not displayed on the web-browser of the PC? Error message "Class not found" is displayed (but working fine on MB-webpanel) (FAQ #101142)
  • Why my Web-Application is no more reacting after clicking on "Save Logs to file" button? (FAQ #101035)
  • Why do the values on an eXP Web Panel freeze? (FAQ #100975)
  • Why is the message: "Failed to get data on alarm.exe" displayed on the alarming page? (FAQ #100963)
  • Why are the alarm texts not displayed? (FAQ #100934)
  • Is it possible to store the web pages on a Web Panel? (FAQ #100931)
  • Can I store files locally on a MB Panel (in order to increase communication performance)? (FAQ #100924)
  • Does the Web-Editor allow to access array variables of PG5 symbolic names? (FAQ #100915)
  • Is it possible to use symbolic names of PG5 resources on the Web-Editor if container offset is used? (FAQ #100914)
  • How to use registers with addresses > 9999 on a web project? (FAQ #100913)
  • Is it possible to know on the PCD if the Web-Application on a Web-Panel is running? (FAQ #100909)
  • Why is the web-Server on the PCD is accessible over two different socket ports? (FAQ #100900)
  • How to set the index of the Alarmlist FBox? (FAQ #100876)
  • How to uninstall the Webserver password page? (FAQ #100873)
  • Negative values with decimal point are not displayed correctly on the CE panel (FAQ #100842)
  • S-Web Editor 5.13.00 dependencies (FAQ #100810)
  • Why are the Webpages not always displayed? How to adjust the timeout of the WebServer? (FAQ #100808)
  • Is it possible to run another application (Internet Explorer) from the Microbrowser on a CE panel? (FAQ #100768)
  • Installed F-Boxes are not available (FAQ #100723)
  • Applet malfunction after installing Sun Java Platform Edition 6 (Version 1.6) (FAQ #100708)
  • Internet Explorer 7 does not support FTP connection (FAQ #100703)
  • Alarming: When OnLine in fupla, FBox 10 Alarm displays xxxx instead of the values! (FAQ #100694)
  • The PCD goes in HALT with a BUS ERROR if many accesses to the WebServer are executed (FAQ #100658)
  • Why is the Internet Browser frozen after a few hours (FAQ #100648)
  • Why is the message "syntax error" / "syntax error in tag" displayed instead of a value (FAQ #100632)
  • Why are negativ values not displayed correctly? (FAQ #100630)
  • URL Jump doesn't work with Microbrowser CE Terminal (FAQ #100617)
  • What file names are allowed in the Web-Editor (FAQ #100552)
  • Why is the message: "cannot create page content yet" appears from time to time (FAQ #100527)
  • If I want to display Web pages on a PCD Web Panel CE, what is the difference between the use of Internet Explorer and the Micro Browser? (FAQ #100506)
  • How to use the display of the MicroBrowser on the PCD Web Panel CE in full screen mode? (FAQ #100505)
  • How to store a web page content which was uploaded from the PCD in to a Excel sheet? (FAQ #100476)
  • Why does the error message "Can't generate ...web.itq length is 0" appers when generating a file with the Webbuilder? (FAQ #100429)
  • PCD2.M170 or PCS1: WEB Server works only if a WEB project is downloaded in the PCD! (FAQ #100380)
  • Why does the web page show "No component selected" instead of the media value? (FAQ #100379)
  • What tools/technology should be used to create pages for the SBC-S-Web concept? (FAQ #100020)


  • File written to the file system by the PCD can’t be accessed with HTTP protocol (FAQ #101686)
  • How to include values in Excel from a PCD with CGI commands? (FAQ #101574)
  • How many web-clients can be connected at the same time to the S-Web Server over Ether-S-Bus? (FAQ #101431)
  • Why are the values not displayed on the webpage when connecting over modem with Webconnect (FAQ #101430)
  • Why can't my WebConnect find the SComm driver? (FAQ #101127)
  • Where does SBC.Net WebConnect store its configuration? (FAQ #101126)
  • Why does WebConnect not close automatically when shutting down the PC? (FAQ #101125)
  • Why is my start-page not displayed in the browser when using SWebConnect? (FAQ #101018)
  • How to connect a PCD behind an (A)DSL router? (FAQ #101007)
  • How can I handle, let's say, 'unlimited' numbers of connections to the S-Web server? (FAQ #100982)
  • Why can't I download an I/O configuration to a PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100971)
  • Not possible to install PG5 1.4 on a PC with Windows 7 or on a PC on general (FAQ #100969)
  • Is it possible to have subfolders in the Webpages folder for Webconnect? (FAQ #100961)
  • Information’s about TAPI modem settings on PG5. (FAQ #100891)
  • Can I enter an IP address as URL in Web-Connect? (FAQ #100867)
  • How to close a connection of S-Web-Connect? (FAQ #100822)
  • Why are the configured stations in SWebConnect on a Win CE panel not saved (FAQ #100758)
  • Why does the S-WebConnect not start? (FAQ #100736)
  • Why is the "variables list" not working when online using a http-direct connection? (FAQ #100725)
  • Can a WebConnect connection over modem be forced to disconnect after a certain time? (FAQ #100572)
  • How to hang up a modem connection in a S-Web editor project (FAQ #100566)
  • The variables are not visible on the Webpages: "No message" is displayed instead of the value! (FAQ #100561)
  • PG5 controls suite on a linux system (FAQ #100426)
  • May I change the port number for requests via WebConnect? (FAQ #100347)
  • Which Java(TM) Virtual Machine is recommended for the use with the Monitorio? (FAQ #100293)
  • File names containing space characters do cause problems (e.g. "no response") (FAQ #100253)
  • Why it's not possible to start the WebConnect SW on my WIN-XP PC? (FAQ #100210)
  • What files should be downloaded to the PCD and what files placed in the WebPages folder? (FAQ #100021)

Software (except PG5) / SCOMM

  • Are SBC devices affected by the zero-day vulnerabilities ‘Ripple20’, related to the low-level TCP/IP software library developed by Treck, Inc.? (FAQ #102036)
  • Can PG5 access more than 32 serial communication ports (ComPorts)? (FAQ #101339)
  • Information’s about TAPI modem settings on PG5. (FAQ #100891)
  • Memory leak from SCOMM on Windows XP (FAQ #100875)
  • SCommDll fails with strange status on multi core CPUs (FAQ #100674)
  • ScommDll doesn't work because of firewall software (FAQ #100323)
  • How to set up the SComm to connect a PCD over a server? (FAQ #100248)
  • Compatibility of the S-Bus OPC-Server with PG5 1.2 and PG5 1.3 (FAQ #100240)
  • Driver not available for user when OPC server was started by OPC client (FAQ #100238)
  • Is a driver for SBC S-Bus available? (FAQ #100179)

S-Web Technology / ADSL

  • How to set up DynDNS on a router? (FAQ #101197)
  • How to know the IP Address of a device addressed with an URL? (FAQ #101064)
  • How to connect a PCD behind an (A)DSL router? (FAQ #101007)
  • How I have to configure my ADSL router? (FAQ #100454)
  • How can I know the TCP/IP address of a public e-mail server? (FAQ #100453)
  • Experiences with ADSL Routers (FAQ #100203)

S-Web Technology / Android- and iPhone Apps

  • Why does suddenly the Microbrowser-App on my iOS Apple device or Android device not work anymore, error message ‘unable to Verify App’ is shown on the device? (FAQ #102023)
  • Why after a update of the Microbrowser Android app to the version 2.0.0_4 the error message 'file not found' is shown? (FAQ #101918)
  • Is it possible to increase the Heap size for the SBC Micro Browser App for Android smartphones/tablet? (FAQ #101851)
  • Is there an Android application to display S-Web editor projects on Android devices? (FAQ #101794)
  • Why can't I see the content of the PCD WebServer on my Android- or iPhone App? (FAQ #101777)

Communication / S-Web Technologie

  • Nach einem Update von Java auf die Java Version 1.7.0_51-b13 ist es nicht mehr möglich Webseiten die mit dem S-Web Editor von PG5 1.4, PG5 2.0 oder PG5 2.1 erstellt wurden anzuzeigen (FAQ #101882)
  • Nach einem Update von Java auf die Java Version 1.7.0_51-b13 ist es nicht mehr möglich Webseiten die mit dem S-Web Editor von PG5 2.0 oder PG5 2.1 erstellt wurden anzuzeigen (FAQ #101879)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.