What files should be downloaded to the PCD and what files placed in the WebPages folder?

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By placing files in the local folder of the PC or PC's where WebConnect is running, you can optimize the performance of the Web application.


The SBC.Net S-WebConnect software is a free software (provided with the PG5 Controls Suite) which allows accessing the Web Server of PCD systems which do not support "http-direct" (direct access to the Server over TCP/IP). Beside the "translation" from http to e.g. Ether-S-Bus, the S-WebConnect can also be used to store files directly on the PC running the S-WebConnect. Because these files do not need to be transferred from the PCD, the performance for serving these files can be increased significantly.

Files to be placed in the PCD
The following files must be placed in the PCD. Note that these files must be part of the WebBuilder file in the PG5 project.

  • *.tcr file (if the S-Web Editor is used). This file contains the PCD ressource list to be read.
  • All *.htm/*.html pages containing tags for reading PCD ressources. Also these files need to be part of the WebBuilder file.
  • Recommended: start.htm (if the start.htm file is not stored on the PCD, the search option "Local then PCD" (see screenshot below) of the S-WebConnect must be selected; otherwise the default page from the PCD firmware is displayed).

Files that can be placed in the local folder on the S-WebConnect PC
In general all files except the above mentioned can be stored in the local folder of the frontend PC.

In case several sub stations do contain different files, these files can be stored in a sub-folder of the C:\WebPages. In this case, the sub-folder must have the same name as the station configured in S-WebConnect  (in the example above this would be PCS_WebServer). Please note that S-WebConnect version 2.0.x.x or higher is required for this feature.




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