Why do the values on an eXP Web Panel freeze?

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During the use of the Internet Explorer on a Panel eXP, it can happen that the values of the PCD are not refreshed during several minutes.


The values of PCD medias (PPOs) shown on a eXP Web Panel (PCD7.D6xxx) are freezed from time to time for a couple of minutes. If during this time a page is changed, no values are shown at all. This phenomenon can be observed when using the Web Editor 5.13.00. This can happen after several hours of service.

This freeze of the values is caused by a problem in the Java Applet IMasterSaia5_13_00.jar distributed together with the Web Editor 5.13.00.

To solve this problem, please load the new Applet 5.13.00 (attached to this FAQ) into your web project.



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