PCD7.D7xx Terminal accessing PCD's via a Gateway station

FAQ #100003

A PCD7.D7xx Terminal can access several PCD's in an S-Bus network, it is as well possible to have one gateway station in the network and access PCD's that are located in a subnet. The response timeout has to be adapted accordingly.


If the PCD7.D7xx Terminal has to access S-Bus participants that are behind a gateway station, they are defined in the PCD8.D81W software as if they were in the same network. As passing a gateway station adds delay to the communication, the timout value (default 500 ms) has to be significantly increased (in the terminal) according to chapter 6.6 of the S-Bus manual. With PCD8.D81W versions until 4.66 the timeout can only be defined for the whole network, later versions allow to define the timout per station. The timout settings of the gateway and slave stations stay usually untouched.



PCD7 / D7xx

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