Project download to PCDs with ethernet interface and to PCD7.D7xxET via ISDN router

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In order to connect PCDs and PCD7.D7xxET terminals on a remote TCP/IP network the use of an ISDN router possible. Internal tests have proven that this is no problem.


In order to get an overview of possible problems that might occur while setting up and working wiht a remote IP network connected via two ISDN routers or an ISDN TA (terminal adaper) and an ISDN router the following  constellations were set up:



In this test we used two AR140 ISDN routers (model number: AT-AR140S-513) of the manufacturer Allied Telesyn. This routers do have an integraded 4-port hub and a firewall (that wasn't tested in our test).

We didn't encounter problems for this constellation and found the following test results:

  • It is possible to download projects of the PCD8.D81W (VTWIN) to PCD7.D7xx equipped with an Ethernet interface without someone on site

  • The connection is established automatically in case of the use of two ISDN routers

  • It is possible to download PG5 projects to PCDs (Ether-S-Bus stations) having an Ethernet interface

  • A connection can also be established by first activating a dial-up connection and then adding a route (while the tests the added route over a Dial-up connection was removed at disconnecting)

  • The networks can be defined by the user (no DHCP is required) on either network constellation

  • Proxy servers and already existing network functions aren’t affected if properly configured (exception is the setup procedure of the ISDN routers due to the need of DHCP and set proxy addresses onto the routers!)

  • All cables in the installation aren’t crossed (since the internal hub of the routers do feature an uplink which has to be set to “Hub” in case the connection PC-Router is going over an hub (hub-hub connection which would require a crossed cable if no uplink port were available))

For further information please refer to the test report (attached to this FAQ, file "ISDN-Router.pdf").



PCD7 / D7xx

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