Information’s about TAPI modem settings on PG5.

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If you make a online modem connection with PG5, OPC-Server, S-Web-Connect or Visi+ to a PCD then the modem settings of the TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) are used.

TAPI is a Windows standard interface and the TAPI settings are accessible under the control panel, “phone and modem options”.
There you have the possibility to adapt different modem parameters like baud rate, data protocol and so on.

The channel settings menu of PG5 allows modifying the modem parameters of TAPI settings which are used without that the TAPI settings of Windows are changed.

Please not that the channel settings menu of PG5 does store the modified TAPI settings in the registry of Windows under the key name:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAIA-Burgess\PG5\x.y\Channels\S-Bus Modem\TapiSettings

PG5 does not change the TAPI settings of Windows.

The registry entry mentioned above is updated after that you have open the menu point “configure line” and you have stored the configuration settings of the modem.


PG5 does apply the following rules:

- If PG5 don’t have any entry on the registry key mentioned above or if the registry key mentioned above don’t exist, then PG5 does use the default TAPI settings (defined under the control panel, “phone and modem options”) of the selected modem.

- In the other case PG5 does use the modified TAPI settings stored under the registry key mentioned above.



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