WebEditor project with HDLog File to flash-memory: macro tries to load a wrong CSV-File

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In a WebEditor project we select to display a page that contains a SBCHDLogTrendMacro e.g. RemoteOffSavedTrdMinimal.

The trends are not displayed, but an error message appears that CSV-Files could not be loaded.



The Applet tries to load the csv-file Filename_D120118.csv, but in the Fupla HDLog File FBox you haven’t configured to create data files per day, but per week or per month. The letter "D" in the csv files stands for "D"aily log file. Other combinations are also possible, as the applet would try to load the file Filename_W01201.csv or Filename_M1202.csv. But, perhaps, it was not configured this way round in the FBox. "W" stands for weekly file and "M" for monthly file creation.

This happens if you change afterwards the setting of the parameter "create data" in the HDLog FBox but you have already placed the Macro from SBCHDLogTrendMacro before in the Webeditor project. It's the same behaviour in PG5 1.4 and PG5 2.0.

After changing the parameter "create data" e. g. from day to week, you must delete the Trend macro that belongs to this FBox in the WebEditor project and replace it. The WebEditor feature "Project/Reload HDLog Files ..." doesn't solve this situation. After rebuild /download of the project the problem is solved.



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