Is a driver for SBC S-Bus available?

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Yes, the product Saia PCD® COSinus (PCD8.DNET-SUITE) does also contain the SBC S-Bus libraries (S-Bus Master and/or S-Bus Slave) based on the Microsoft .Net framework.


How is the Saia PCD® COSinus structured?
The Saia PCD® COSinus contains different components (S-Bus Master, S-Bus Slave, an interface for CGI calls to the PCD Web Server etc.) for easy integration of the communication interface for PCD systems into Windows applications. All the components are based on the Microsoft .Net framework.

This product (PCD8.DNET-SUITE) does contain the required libraries, documentation, examples (programmed in C#, C++ and VB) as well as access to updates and new features.

How do I get the Saia PCD® COSinus Suite?
The Saia PCD® COSinus Suite is an official product from Saia-Burgess Controls AG and can be optained from your local SBC representative (or


  • The product Saia PCD® COSinus can't be found yet on the support homepage (the TI will be uploaded soon).
  • The Saia PCD® COSinus suite is the replacement for the inofficial SCommDll toolkit which has been available until November 2007. The SCommDll toolkit is discontinued and is no longer available.


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