Is it possible to know on the PCD if the Web-Application on a Web-Panel is running?

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Yes it is possible to use a kind of life sign on the XP, CE and MB Web-Panel (created with the S-Web-Editor) and to read this life sign on the PCD.

This allows to know if the connection between the PCD and Web-Panel is ok and if the Web-Application on the Web-Panel is running.



To insert the life sign you have to use the container variable @BLINKCO on the S-Web-Editor.
During runtime this container toggles each refresh period between 1 and 0 on the XP, CE or MB Web-Panel.
To transmit the container @BLINKCO to the PCD, you have to copy the container to a PCD variable and you have to check on the PCD application programm, that the PCD variable does toggling cyclically.

To copy the container @BLINKCO to a PCD variable use the macro “EventP_wrCo2ppo_onRepaint_.tlb” of the S-Web-Editor.
You can place the macro on a background page and use the same background page on all your Web-Pages.

To avoid that the life sing is not toggling during the time that the Web-Pages “MsgBox.teq”, “ALPHAPAD.TEQ” or “KEYPAD.TEQ” are shown on the screen, you have to insert the macro “EventP_wrCo2ppo_onRepaint_.tlb” also on this pages.
Please note that you have to insert the macro directly on this three pages.
It’s not allowed to use a background or foreground page on this three pages.

If several Web-Panels does display the same Web-Application of the same PCD then on the PCD the life sing will be overwritten from all Web-Panels and it’s not possible to detect if one Web-Panel is no more working.



S-Web Technology

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PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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