How can I prevent the Java Applet to be re-loaded when displaying my WebEditor created web pages?

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The new WebServer 2 implemented in the PCD3 and PCD2.M5xxx supports caching and therefore the loading of the Java Applet can be avoided when reloading web pages. From firmware version 1.10.16 on you can profit of the caching possibility of the Java Virtual Machine.


How to activate caching?
To activate caching on the Java Virtual Machine you select on your local computer 'Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Java'. In the tab 'General', click on 'Settings' and under 'Temporary Internet Files' check the box for 'remain temporary internet files on the computer'.

Please note that in case an older firmware than 1.10.16 is loaded on the PCD, it might be that values of the web project are not refreshed correctly (see FAQ 100708).



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