What tools/technology should be used to create pages for the SBC-S-Web concept?

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All PCD systems developed since the year 2000 contain a Web Server for diagnostic purpose and allow to download customized pages. This is very useful for maintenance purpose and for simple visualizations.

Web Technology is an endless topic, so it is important to start at the right end.


S-Web Editor
In general we recommend using the PG5 Add-On tool "S-Web Editor" for the creation of web projects for the visualisation of the PCD medias (Registers, Flags etc.). The S-Web Editor is distributed on the PG5 Controls Suite CD and can also be downloaded from the support page (www.sbc-support.ch). As you can see below, the S-Web Editor is a WYSIWYG Editor:

CGI interface
In case the Web Server shall be accessed from e.g. a Visual Basic application, the PCD resources can also be read and written via CGI calls. In this case, the SBC.Net Suite offers specific libraries which provide the interface from your application to the Web Server of the PCD. The SBC.Net Suite is based on the Microsoft .Net Framework. Please contact your local Saia-Burgess Controls AG Sales office for more information.

Writing your own html code
Of course it is also possible to write your own *.htm/*.hmtl pages containing tags for displaying PCD resources, but the engineering effort is significantly higher if this way is chosen. Please refer to the Web Server manual for more information (the support given by Saia Burgess and its representatives will be limited to the content of this manual).



S-Web Technology

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