Is it possible to convert a project from PCD7.D7xx to PCD7.D7xxET display?

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Yes, bu the resources have to transfer from the S-Bus driver to the Ether-S-Bus driver. See the description below


Procedure for the conversion of a PCD8.D81W project

  1. Open the project and move the SBC S-Bus driver from ASP to MSP.

  2. Convert the panel from Vxxx rev 4 to VTxxx ETH.

  3. Drag and drop the driver "SBC Ethernet S-Bus" to the Ethernet port.

  4. Open the project editor (double click on the VT icon).

  5. Export variables into a CSV format file. 

  6. Run Excel and open the CSV file.

  7. Change the name of the source device into SBC:Ether-S-Bus_a (default name in VTWIN project).

  8. Save and close the CSV file.

  9. Import the CSV file in your project
    The  source device of the variables should now have changed.

  10. Adjust the addresses of the memory areas.

  11. Compile the project.

  12. Close the VTWIN project editor.

  13. Delete the driver "SBC S-Bus" from the MSP port.

  14. Save the project.



PCD7 / D7xx

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