What means the Error-6./alarm.exe?-6&sta failed?

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When displaying the alarm page on VGA Web Panel this error message appears in message window and the alarms aren't display!                 

In Web Editor project there are specific Macro according to the different Micro Browser Panel.
This errror above appeared in a project done with PG5 1.4.300 and Web Editor 5.14.30. An alarming macro for a QVGA MB Panel was placed (Q_MacroAlarmingDefOnlineMini_5_13_01.esm) but a VGA MB Panel was used!

Replace the QVGA macro with a VGA macro for example:MacroAlarmingDefOnline_5_14_05.esm!

Other reason
The name of the alarm Fbox contains a special character like "éöäü-....". 

-> version PG5 2.1.xxx & WE8 does not accept special character either. If used please change and make a clean files in both (Fupla and WEB8)

On the Web-Editor 8 on the file variable.wvar the variable
needs to be defined as STRING


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