If I want to display Web pages on a PCD Web Panel CE, what is the difference between the use of Internet Explorer and the Micro Browser?

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On a PCD Web Panel CE it's possible to display the Web application with two different tools, either the Internet Explorer or the Micro Browser.

The main difference between the use of the Internet Explorer and the Micro Browser are:




Internet Explorer:


If you use the Internet Explorer then you are able to display all kind of Web-Pages on the PCD Web Panel CE.
But since the Internet Explorer uses Java as add on tool, the start up of the web-application is quite slowly and also the reaction time during runtime is not very fast.


If you use the SBC S-Web Editor then either you have to store the java applet file “IMasterSaia_x.jar” directly on the PCD PLC memory or you have to copy this file on the Flash card of the PCD Web Panel CE on the folder “Storage Card/WebPages/”.




Micro Browser:


The Micro Browser can only be used if the Web-application was created with the S-Web editor.


Since the Micro Browser is dedicated specially to the use of Web applications created with the S-Web editor, only a restricted set of java instructions are supported.
This reduced set of java instructions leads to a much faster start up of the Web application.


Also one big difference between the Micro Browser and the Internet Explorer is the fact, that the Micro Browser is a native code and there fore the reaction time during runtime of the Wep application is much faster in comparison with the Internet Explorer (The Internet Explorer does interpret Java)


If you use the Micro Browser it’s not necessary that you store the java applet file “IMasterSaia_x.jar” on the PCD PLC.




Also you have the possibility to display the Web-Application in full screen mode.








If you have developed your Web application with the use of our S-Web editor then we do recommend to use the Micro Browser.


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