PCD7.D761 displays a black screen, it has lost the calibration!

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The display has a frozen screen (can be black if in standby mode) and can't be operated. After a powerup the project's start page is displayed but the touch screen doesn't respond, because the calibration has been lost!


The firmware (PCD7.D761) needs to be updated! The firmware update is done when downloading the project to the panel when the option "Update operating unit firmware" is activated.
If the display can't be forced in transfer mode (download mode) it might be necessary first to recalibrate it as explain in FAQ 100868 (see link below).
Use the latest PCD8.D81W 5.18 version which contains the newest FW!
If you haven't le possibility to use this version and you have the version 5.12 you can also add the new Fw in attachment. So, please execute the following steps:

  • Download the files attached to this FAQ and unzip the archives.
  • Copy the firmware files "VT155W.BIN" into the following folder:
    "C:\Program Files\SAIA\PCD8.D81W_512\\firmware\"
  • Open the VTWIN project, compile it again and download it to the panel and active the download option "Update operating unit firmware".
  • When the download has finished, after a powerup of the panel, please verify that the new firmware version is: 1.13.

New: Use the actual programming tool version PCD8.D81W V 5.18 which contains already the new firmware version. So no need to copy the fw files in attachment!


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