How can the clock of a PCD7.D7xx be written by the PCD?

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It is possible setting the clock of the terminals by passing a command from the PCD to the command area of the terminal.

There is an FBox library that was built for this task and eases the handling of the command area and the exchange of the data to be transferred.


Functional description
In general the clock of the intelligent terminals PCD7.D7xx can be set by writing the according command into the command area. The command area is an array of registers that are periodically read (and end interpreted) by the terminal (masters of the communication).
The attached FBox library is designed to interface with the command area of the intelligent terminals of the series PCD7.D7xx.
Please refer to the help for detailed instructions and examples.


Supported functions of the attached library
The attached library does not only allow setting the clock of the PCD7.D7xx but does also allow writing all other supported commands to the terminal. Depending on the type of the terminal this is e.g. deleting the alarm buffer, forced jump to a specific page/sequence, reading the status area etc. Please refer to the ESA manual for a list of the functions supported by your terminal.


For installing this library, copy the files of the attached archive into the folder "Libs\Usr" in your PG5 installation directory (default C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_3\Libs\Usr\) and reopen Fupla.

Please note that the FBox library can only work if the command area on the intelligent terminal is defined and the addresses of the command area is set correctyl on the terminal as well as in the FBoxes.


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