Why is it not possible to compile the project if I add a curve in the HDLog to file macro?

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As soon as a curve is added to the HDLog to file macro it is not possible to compile the project anymore.


In Fupla the FBox HDLogFile was placed. In WebEditor the file is added under Project configuration and the according macro is added to a teq file. As soon as you add one trend-curve to the macro it is not possible anymore to compile the project. An errormessage similar to the message below appears:

Error 2009: WEB_PG.obj: Unresolved external symbol: __stc_id_0000C_var_00___SG_COB_Daten
This problem happens, if in Fupla the option "Use predefined symbols" is not activated. Since the HDLog FBox has internal symbols it is necessary to activate this option, to have the proper functionality.

Activate the option in Fupla under View/Options. In PG5 2.0 you have to activate the options:
Use predefined symbols: Yes
Delet internal: Yes
In PG5 1.4 you have to activate the options:
Use predefined Symbols
Delete internal symbols when the FBox removed

Then in the fupla you have to:
-right clic on the Fbox "HDLog" and choose "Add Predefined Symbols..."
-save the file

Then in the Web Editor you have to:
-remove the macro "HDLog"
-delete and select one more time the file *.HDF in the menu Project ->Configuration
-add the macro "HDLog" ,choose "Keep For All"



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