How can I handle, let's say, 'unlimited' numbers of connections to the S-Web server?

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By default there are 12 listener sockets defined on the Web Server of a PCD. This means that simuntaneously 12 Web browsers can communicate with the S-Web server. The connection of a 13th browser would be disconnected directly. This number can be extended to 24 listener sockets in the Device Configurator from PG5 2.0 SP1 or later. This means that there's still an upper limit. There's a way to define this 'unlimited' number of connection.


You can define all the possible connections to the PCD, i.e in HTTP direct mode, in the S-WebConnect running on the host PC. In this way, all the different Browsers requests and connections are tunneled through the S-Web Connect. There's only one point you have to pay attention: Per default, the S-Web Connect limits to define a maximum of 15 connections. But you can adjust this limit in the 'Saia.Net.settings.xml' configuration file that is installed in the SWebConnect folder. Simply edit manually the line

<component id="SaiaBurgess.SCS.WebServer">


component id="SaiaBurgess.SCS.WebServer" maxConcurrentRequests="200">

if you want to define 200 connections in the SWebConnect.


  • Please be careful with this feature when using it with a CE-Panel because of the small RAM memory.
  • Never allow more than 15 connections for WebConnect on a CE-Panel.



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