How to load a web application from a PCD/PCS (without Ethernet port) to a remote PC with the use of a CE web-panel?

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Using an indirect connection of the web-connect software on the CE web-panel (PCD7.D5xxx) it’s possible that a remote PC is able to load the web-pages stored on the PCD/PCS.



On application the PCD/PCS is connected over serial line to a CE web-panel and the end user wants to display the web-pages stored on the PCD/PCS on the CE web-panel and on a remote PC.

With the help of the web-connect SW on the CE web-panel it's possible that the any PC on the TCP/IP network is able to establish an indirect TCP/IP connection to the web application stored on the PCD/PCS and to display the web application on the browser of the remote PC.

Open the web-browser on the remote PC and type the IP address of the CE web-panel, the connection name defined on the web-connect software and the name of the startpage in the navigation bar of the browser.
Example: address of the panel
pcs=web-conncect connection name
start.htm=name of the start page

Instead of a CE web-panel there can as well be an ordinary PC, connected over the web-connect software to the PCD / PCS. The procedure is the same.
It is not possible to use a Microbrowser QVGA panel for this kind of connection.
The Microbrowser VGA panel doesn't support this functionality at the moment; but it's planned for the future.



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PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

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