Can a WebConnect connection over modem be forced to disconnect after a certain time?

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Yes, this is possible. In the modem settings there is the option "auto disconnect after x minutes". Just below there is a radio button with the choices "when idle" or "always, do not reconnect"


Reason for this option
The option discussed in this FAQ can be very useful to avoid outrageous telephone bills due to a forgotten browser window that is online with a remote PCD.
By default, the WebConnect is disconnecting the line after 3 minutes the line is in idle (which means no data is transferred). Because a Web Editor project does refresh its content automatically, the modem would never disconnect. The result is that the line stays connected until someone does close the web browser. If the user forgets about this, he'll be surprised the next time he opens his phone bill...


In order to force the WebConnect to disconnect a modem connection to a PCD after a certain time, chose the option "always, do not reconnect" in the modem settings window:
The disadvantage of this setting is that the line will be disconnected also if the user would like to stay online longer than the configured time. In this case he has to re-connect to the page.




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