Why it's not possible to start the WebConnect SW on my WIN-XP PC?

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It's possible that on WIN-XP Systems the IIS (Internet Information Service) does use the port 80 and will answer to all requests on this port.

Stopping the IIS does allow to use the SBC Web-Connect SW correctly.


If after the start of the SBC WebConnect SW on a WIN-XP PC the message below appear on the screan, then it's possible that the problem is related with the use of the IIS (Internet Information Service) on this PC.


The IIS is a Web-Server service which runs on the PC and does use the port 80 (same port as used from the WebConnect SW). If ISS is running then it's not possible to use the Web-Connect SW on the port 80. You have to stop the IIS to be able to use the WebConnect SW.

To know if the IIS run's on the PC make the follwoing steps:
- Start the Web-Browser
- Set the address to
- If the following screen appears then the IIS is installed and runns on the PC.


To stop the IIS:
-  Click on "start", "settings", "control panel"
-  Select "Adminstrative tools"
-  Select "Internet Information Services"
-  Select "Your computer name", "Web-Sites", "Default Web-Site"
-  Now you can stop the IIS by selecting the Stop button (See picture below, marked with red circle)


-  The stopped service is marked as stoped.





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