PCD7.D7xx terminal works on PGU port of PCD2.M110 but not on PGU port of PCD2.M150!

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The "PCD driver" of the PCD7.D7xx terminals is not supported by all PCD systems.


When the communication driver "PCD driver" is used in a PCD8.D81w project, the communication works on the PGU Port (port 0) of a PCD2.M110 (or a PCD2.M120) but not on the following systems: PCS1, PCD2.M150/M170/M480/M5xx0 or on a PCD3.

The PGU mode of recent PCD systems is no longer based on the P800 communication protocol (which uses the obsolete communication protocol "Mode D"). The recent PCD2 and the PCD3 use S-Bus on Port 0, and the PCD driver on the terminal uses P800 protocol. Because the PCD7.D7xx terminals use the P800 protocol if the "PCD driver" is selected, the communication does not work on systems developed after the PCD2.M110/M120.

So there are 2 solutions possible:

  • Use the S-Bus driver on the terminal (recommended): In this case the project has to be adapted accordingly and an S-Bus connection cable is to be used (according to our Workshop Documents).
  • Only for PCD2.M150 and PCD2.M170: Modify your communication cable (Pin 6 should not be used, Pin 6 of PGU port =0). In the PCD program you need to add a "SASI Slave Mode D" with the parameters: RS 232, 9600, Parity, 7-E-1.
    This solution can only be applied on PCD2.M150 and M170 systems, but not on other systems (because the Mode D is no longer supported).
    See attached document for wiring information in this case.

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