How many web-clients can be connected at the same time to the S-Web Server over Ether-S-Bus?

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The first generation of PCDs with integrated S-Web server did not support http-direct (e.g. the PCD1.M125, PCD1.M135, PCD2.M150, PCD2.M170, PCD2.M480) . Therefore the access of the S-Web Server must be realized using the free software "S-WebConnect" which is to be installed on a PC (accessing the PCD using e.g. Ether-S-Bus). Alternatively, an MB Panel can also access the S-Web Server (e.g. using Ether-S-Bus).

However, it is important to know that only one S-Bus client can access the S-Web Server over Ether-S-Bus at the same time!


By desing the S-Web Server of a PCD can only be accessed by one S-Bus connection per physical port (Serial-S-Bus, Profi-S-Bus, Ether-S-Bus). As result it is possible to access the S-Web Server over Serial-S-Bus and in parallel over Ether-S-Bus, but it is only possible to have one Ether-S-Bus Master which connects the S-Web Server.

That means it is not possible to access the S-Web Server of a PCD at the same time with the S-WebConnect (Ether-S-Bus) and the MB panel (Ether-S-Bus) because in this case the S-Web Server is accessed 2 times trough the same physical port (Ethernet Port).

Work around 
Here you can use the Web Connect as frontentd. The S-WebConnect will serialize the web requests and therefore avoid two parallel connections.

  • The WebConnect creates only 1 connection to the Eternet Port of the PCD (Ether-S-Bus to a PCD1.M135 for example)
    --> there is no problem, because only one connection was created
  • With the MB panel, instead to accessing the WebServer of the PCD directly (with the Ether-S-Bus protocol), the MP panel can be accessed indirectly via the S-WebConnect.

For this example the following configuration is to be done in the MB panel configuration:

  • HTTP direct
  • Remost host IP of the PC (where the WebConnect is installed)
  • as html file to open, you have to write: WebConnect_Connection_Profil/File_Name.html (htm)

For more information please refer to the manual for the "Web Server Classic" (26/790).



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