File names containing space characters do cause problems (e.g. "no response")

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In the first official version of the Web Editor it is possible to generate files having spaces in their names. This causes problems while accessing these files on the PCD.

The results when trying opening these files are either a "no response" of the WebConnect or a "This page can not be displayed" of the Internet Explorer.


If the whole web project created with the Web Editor has a name containing space character, most files of this project will have the same name by default.
Since in this case most files have to be renamed, it isn't recommended to provide names with spaces to Web Editor projects.

The files that cause problems are listed below together with a short description of the results they cause:

*.html file: If this (main) page is accessed, IE won't be able to display it and will show a message like "This page can not be displayed".
*.tcr, and *.itq Will cause a "no response" of Web Connect and block the communicaiton interface of the PCD!
*.teq  Not possible to give names containing spaces.

In order to get a working Web Editor project the files listed above mustn't contain any space characters!

In future versions of the Web Editor it won't be possilbe any more to introduce space characters into these file names.




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