Is it possible to store the web pages on a Web Panel?

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Yes, it is possible to store the web pages (.teq, .htm, .html, IMaster.jar, .gif etc.) on the panel instead on the CPU itself.


In general it is possible storing data (pictures, files) directly on the Web Panel. The only file which always needs to be stored on the PCD is the file with the extension tcr. Depending on the panel, specific techniques and storage folders are available:

Micorbrowser Panel PCD7.D4xxx (MB Panels)
Data can be stored on the onboard Flash memory "M1_Flash" (in the folder M1_FLASH/WEBPAGES). This data is to be downloaded over an FTP connection (further information can be found in the manual SBC FTP Server and SBC Flash File System, 26/855).


  • Configure an IP address on the panel.
  • Open an FTP client (active FTP mode) and connect to the MB Panel
    Username: root
    Password: rootpasswd
  • Download the files to the folder "M1_FLASH/WEBPAGES" 
  • If the same files are present also on the PCD, specify "Search files first local".

The MB Panel will search these files independently on the configured communication type to the PCD (http direct, Serial-S-Bus etc.)

CE Panel PCD7.D5xxx / eXP Panel PCD7.D6xx
On a CE- or eXP panel data can only be stored locally if the WebConnect software is used. In this case, data can be stored on the storage card in the Webpage folder (the folder location can be configured in WebConnect). Hint: whenever possible, use the http direct protocol, where WebConnect 2.0 and later can act as proxy.



S-Web Technology

PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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