Why does suddenly the Microbrowser-App on my iOS Apple device or Android device not work anymore, error message ‘unable to Verify App’ is shown on the device?

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Since early 2018, Apple and Android have changed the rules for the checking the licensing of their Apps. If the device is not connected to Internet for a period of time, the license on the device is disabled and it’s no longer possible to use the App until the device is reconnected to the Internet/App store and the device is re-licensed.

An Error message will be displayed.

Unable to Verify App
A connection to the App Store is required for the first launch of ‘SBC Micro Browser’ on this iPad.
Please connect to the internet and try again.

Before 2018 it was possible to install and license once the application on the devices and then operate the devices without Internet connection in offline mode.

Since early 2018, the device needs to connect from time to time to Internet to verify the license on the App store.
If this check is not performed in a regularly, then the license on the device will be disabled and it will be no longer possible to use the App until the device is connected again to Internet/App store and the device is relicensed.

This are Apple/Android rules over which SBC has no control.

To solve the issue:

For Android and iOS devices:
The Web-Editor 8 which is included in PG5 2.3 (or newer) allows the generation of HTML5 compatible web pages.
To avoid this problem, the web pages stored in the PCD can be displayed in a 'standard web browser' in HTML5 format on the Android or iOS device instead of using an MB app.

For Android devices:
Status august 2018: not possible to use the MB-App for longer time in Offline mode:
SBC will provide an MB-App that allows the Android devices to run in offline mode without Internet connection.
This FAQ will be updated as soon as the new version of the MB-App will be available.

For iOS devices:
Longer use of the MB-App on the devices in offline mode without an Internet connection will remain not possible.


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