New boot version for PCD7.D761(ET), PCD7.D763(ET), PCD7.D771(ET)!

FAQ #101499

Since the production 16/07/2010 the displays PCD7.D761, PCD7.D763, PCD7.D771 have a new boot version it is required to use as well the new FW version contained in the latest PCD8.D81W Version 5.22 programming tool.

This new boot and FW correct problem of frozen screen as describt in FAQ 101196!


 The latest programming tool version is available under:

If we download a project / firmware with the latest PCD8.D81W V 5.22 to a panel containing the older boot (display older than 16/07/2010) it will request the calibration at each start up.

So it is necessary to update the boot first as descript in FAQ 101196 (link below)!



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