ScommDll doesn't work because of firewall software

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You can't connect over any channel to a PCD by using the SCommDll . The software firewall softwares "Zone Alarm Security", "Windows Defender" or "Bitdefender" block the SComm funktionality on PC's running MS XP.


If the ScommDll is launched, the PC won't react on key strikes for more than 40 sec. After this time, an error message is displayed saying "SCommDll error, Socket not installed or wrong server IP number".

The software firewall "Zone Alarm Security" blocks the ScommDll (The SCommDll communicated to the SCommDrv over an IP stream on port 7000 that is blocked).

Zone Alarm must be uninstalled; only deactivating won't work in most cases. This phenomenon was only observed on Windows XP. On W2k it seems that the ScommDll works also with ZoneAlarm activated.
In case the Bitdefender is used either disabling or appropriately configuring should help.


  • The behavior descripted above does also apply to many other Personal Firewalls (aka Desktop Firewalls, Internet Security Suites etc.). So if socket communication does not work, these security tools should be checked.
  • Most Personal Firewalls can be configured by so called "rules", which allow to open certain ports for one or more applications. So instead of totally disable or uninstall der firewall software, it may be a better solution to define apropriate firewall rules which allow SCommDrv to communicate anyway.
    For the relevant PG5 parts SCommDll.dll and SCommDrv.exe to work the TCP port 7000 needs to be enabled on the local host!


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