How to set up the SComm to connect a PCD over a server?

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It is possible to connect a PCD over a server. This means that the PCD is connected to a remote PC (server).

PG5 on the local PC will connect the SCommDrv on the remote PC and therefore reads the medias of the PCD connected to the remote PC.


    To communicate over a server the following steps below have to be performed. Note that this setup requires TCP/IP communication between the server and client.

Setup of the SCommDrv.exe On the server PC :

  • Run ScommDrv.exe on the server by double clicking the file in the installation directory of PG5 server installation.

  • Once the icon is visible in the taskbar, open it (context menu of the icon, right mouse button)

  • Select tab “Setup”. Set checkbox “Load on startup” (this will cause SCommDrv to be launched on system boot. This is required for that the clients can connect to it)

  • Set “Server IP Address” to the interfaces address on which the clients are connected

  • Set “Local IP Address” to the same interface, save and close the SCommDrv and unload it (context menu of the icon in the taskbar).

  • Restart SCommDrv.exe (this is required for that the new settings will be read and applied)

Now the server is ready to answer to requests from clients (himself included) to establish a connection to a PCD connected to it’s interfaces. Several clients may connect one or several PCD’s at the same time.
The SCommDrv.exe must be running in order to answer these requests.

Setup of the SCommDrv.exe On the client PC :

  • Run the SCommDrv.exe. This may be done by establishing a (PGU-)connection or
    by doubleclicking the SCommDrv.exe on the server’s share.

  • Open the SCommDrv window by selecting “Open” in the context menu of the SCommDrv icon in the taskbar and select the tab “Setup”

  • Set the option “Unload on last close” (recommended, but not necessary)

  • Set the “Server IP Address” to the address of your server

  • Apply and Close. Then unload the SCommDrv (context menu of SCommDrv icon in the taskbar)


Once the ScommDrv on the client is unloaded it won’t be visible any more in the taskbar since it isn’t started any more. Only the SCommDll.dll will be launched by PG5 in order to connect a PCD and connect to the SCommDrv located on the server.
To reset/modify the changed settings you have to open the SCommDrv.exe manually by double clicking it in the client PG5 installation directory.


Note that the port 7000 of the concerned (Ethernet) interface on the server mustn’t be blocked by any firewall.

Since the connection to the PCD on IP will be established over port 5050, make sure this won’t cause any problems, either.


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