How can I recalibrate the touch area from a PCD7.D7xx panel?

FAQ #100868

It might happend that the touch area of a PCD7.D7xx panel doesn't respond anymore: In this case most likely the calibration has been lost and the touch area has to be recalibrated. In many cases the loss of the calibration can be avoided by a boot and firmware update (see related link below)!


Procedure for recalibrating the touch screen

  • Switch off the panel
  • Open the back cover (4 screws)
  • Locate the single jumper J1 or J5 also indicated with C
  • Move the jumper on the position C
  • Swicth the power on
  • Calibrate the screen with a fine pointer (on the cross 3 times)
  • Swich the power off
  • Move the jumper to the inital position
  • Close the cover
  • Switch the panel on

More details about the calibration with drawings for each panel type are available in hardware manual 405_1200_037 which is availbale on the PCD support page:

Always use the latest PCD8.D81W version: the actual version is 5.22. In this version some boot / firmware versions have to be updated, see related link to the FAQs 100823 and 100716!



PCD7 / D7xx

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