Why does WebConnect not close automatically when shutting down the PC?

FAQ #101125

When using the SBC.Net WebConnect on a PC or an eXP Panel you have to "terminate" the WebConnect task every time you shut down the PC.


When the SBC.Net WebConnect (version 2.x or later) is running on a PC or eXP Panel the system does not shut down immediately after clicking "Shut Down.." from the Windows Start Menu. Instead, a Window indicating "End Program - SBC.Net.exe: This program is not responding. To return to windows..." is shown. As soon as any button on this Window is clicked, WebConnect and the system is shutting down as expected.

The reason for this behaviour is that the WebConnect software (in detail it is the "system tray icon" task) does not get the information (from the Windows OS) that the system is shutting down until the user has clicked a button on the window mentioned. This information (that the system is shutting down) is only sent from Windows to the SBC.Net WebConnect after the user has klicked a button on the window.
As result, WebConnect does not shut down until a button on the window is clicked.

In order to avoid this behaviour, it is possible to disable the "system tray icon task". If this task is not running, it does not need to be stopped and the problem is avoided. On the other hand, there is no indication in the system tray that WebConnect is running.
In order to disable the "system tray icon", proceed as following:

  • Right-click the WebConnnect icon and select "Configure..." 
  • Click on the "Settings" button at the right side of the configuration page of WebConnect
  • Select "Show Advanced Settings"
  • In the "Loader" section, unselect the "System Tray Admin"
  • Restart the SBC.Net WebConnect 
  • Unload the ScommXX7 from its context menu in the system tray. This is only necessary once (the xx7 driver has been loaded because WebConnect checked all available drivers while disabling the system tray icon).

If the system tray icon is not shown, it is not possible to call the WebConnect configuration page directly from the context menu of the icon. For figuring out the port WebConnect is using on a PC, please refer to FAQ 101126 (link below).




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