Why are LED, F-Key and Buzzer variables not supported in Topology Bus Terminals?

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Even it seems possible to configure Fkeys for up to 31 terminals in Menu Structure of the HMI Editor, it isn't supported!


FKeys (PCD7.D79x, PCD7.D231, PCD7.D232), LEDs (PCD7.D232), Buzzer (PCD7.D23x) and the popup of the alarm buffer (all displays) are not supported in RS 485 Bus Terminals Topology!

Because the RS485 Bus Terminal Topology does use a specific protocol which does not support special telegrams such as the one used for accessing the LEDs or for evaluating the F-Keys, these features are not supported on RS485 networks. In case the LEDs, the F-Keys or the buzzer is required, please connect the display with RS232 to the PCD. 



PCD7 / D23x

PCD7 / D7xx

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