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Since the first version of the Web Editor has been released there has been many functionalities added. In parallel, new functionality has been added in PCD firmware, Micro Browser Panels (MB Panels PCD7.D4xxx), CE Panels (PCD7.D5xxx) as well as on eXP Panels (PCD7.D6xxx). This FAQ contains a function matrix that gives further information regarding the added functionalities and dependencies.


The various features of pages created with the Web Editor do require functionalities of the PCD firmware as well as of the panels/PC systems used. Depending on the panel or PC, these functionality needs to be implemented in:

  • The PCD firmware itself. The PCD firmware can be downloaded from the according product section on the support site.
  • The firmware (of an MB Panels if used). The MB Panel firmware can be downloaded from the product section PCD7.D4xx from the support site.
  • The image (if a CE- or eXP panel is used). The according image can be downloaded from the product section PCD7.D5xxxx (CE) or PCD7.D6xxx (eXP) from the support site.
  • In the IMasterSaiaxxx.jar (for the usage of a web browser running on a PC). The IMasterSaiaxxx.jar is distributed together with the Web Editor and will be copied into the PG5 project by the Web Editor. The Web Editor itself can be downloaded from the Application overview page "S-Web" on the support site.

Supported features by panels and the Web Editor
The table below shows the first version of the Web Editor supporting various features. Additionally, the required version of the panel operating system is shown, too.

Web-Editor functionsWeb EditorMB Panels QVGA
(FW version)
(MB version)
eXP Panels (IMaster.jar )PC/Laptop
New PG5 Symbol selector with group support 5.13.00----
New Macro format incl. gif & PPO min/max & unit 5.13.00 ----
Validation of user entered values for date & time for PPOs 5.13.00
New Alarming macros for 3.5" MB Panel with F-key operation 5.13.00 1.08.01---
New filter "Active or NAK" in Macro DefOnline Alarming 5.13.00
Alarming & Trending Date/Time display format configurable 5.13.00
Browser resp. applet loads only 1 page imageimage 5.10.00 5.10.00
Alarming (with extension for ACK by user program) 5.07.00
Support of Unicode character set (only for the display of texts in the browser by the use of "HTML tags")  5.07.00V10041.5.10.082cintern. JVM requiredintern. JVM required
Multi line painter 5.07.00V228V1.5.0725.
Web-Editor zooming 5.07.00imageimage5.
Hide & disable group  5.07.00V228V1.5.0725.
Support of  Web-Editor version 5.07.00 (without usage of trending, alarming and Unicode characters) -V228V1.5.0725.
Trending 5.03.00
Autom. page change 5.03.00imageimage5.
Password 4 levels 5.03.00imageimage5.
TableControl 5.03.00imageimage5.
ComboBox 5.03.00imageimage5.
Unicode with cyrillic Windows5.
HTML support (e.g. frameset for navigation)- No Noimageimage
Support for SD-card (backup and restore; clone and restore from clone)  

The version of the Micro Browser for CE panels is distributed with the following images for the CE panels:

  • For PCD7D.5xxxTMxxx (CELERON): version $
  • For PCD7D.5xxxTXxxx (XScale):     version $

Supported features by PCD firmware
The table below shows the first version of the PCD systems supporting various features.

Web-Editor functionsPCD3.Mxx0PCD2.M480PCD2.M170PCD2.M150PCD1.M135PCS1.CxxxPCD3.Mxx7

Alarming (ACK possibility by user program)

New filter "Active or NAK" in Macro DefOnline Alarming image1.06.38image1.08.21image0E3image0E3image0E3image0E3image1.08.04
Nbr. of data points > 1500 (max. 1500 data points/page)
Nbr. of pages > 32

The versions mentioned above are the first versions that support the according feature. As the versions all are backward compatible, it is recommended using the last version rather than downgrading a system to the version indicated above.
The first name of this FAQ was "Which functionality is supported in which Web Editor, Micro Browser and firmware version?"



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PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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