Why are the alarm texts not displayed?

FAQ #100934

The alarm appears correctly but the alarm text is missing.


Possible Reasons: 

  • The name (name and reference) of the Fbox Alarming is too long. It can be maximum 20 chars. 
  • The alarm texts should be in a .csv file but the file was not created
  • The csv file was created but the alarm texts where not adapted correctly. The formatting has to be as in the example below:
      A.Alarm.ThisAlarmList.MyName_1;First Alarm
      A.Alarm.ThisAlarmList.MyName_2;Second Alarm
      A.Alarm.ThisAlarmList.MyName_3;Third Alarm
    The first part should not be modified. The part after the ; is your alarm text and can be adapted as you like
  • In Project/Project configuration/Project-Applet advanced the option HTML Parameters in csv file is not activated or it is activated but the csv file containing the alarm list is not chosen in the field "csv file".


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