Is PCD8.D81W supported by Windows 7?

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The programming tool PCD8.D81W (VTWIN) is not supported on the Microsoft Windows7 operating system.


The software PCD8.D81W has been written at a time Windows7 did not exist and therefore it is not compatible with Windows 7 or Vista. At the moment there are no plans for changing the software in order to be supported on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
However it is possible to install PCD8.D81W V5.22 (VTWIN 5.22) on Win7 PCs and work with it but you might be faced to some restrictions!
Known restriction:
The german characters "ä", "ö", "ü" aren't display in the editor and on the screen!
Workaround install another font for example Arial instead of ESA font (see attached document)!
Please note that the software Polymath from ESA is not compatible with the PCD7.D7xx displays from SBC. The only solution in order to program these displays without any restriction is not to use Windows7 or Windows Vista.



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