Why does the S-Web Editor warn about deletion of unused HTML tags in csv-file?

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When you use HTML tags in csv-file with the S-Web Editor 5.14.27, unused tags in *.csv files are detected (and the S-Web Editor asks whether to delete these lines in order to increase the performance of the panel in runtime).


In normal use you don't even remark this feature, because it's done in background when you delete a macro, for example.

Remark when using indexing
However, if you add on your own some HTML tags (i.e. when indexing variables with an expression like e.g. ...@Index_PPO@), the S-Web Editor detects that there are HTML tags that don't belong to any macro. It therefore asks you whether you want to remove these tags with the message:
'WARNING found HTML tags in csv files that are no more used in actual project. Do you want editor to delete those HTML tags?'
--> If you work with the above mentionned indexed variables, remember to click 'No'!

In the next service pack of the S-Web Editor (Version 5.14.30) this warning will have an option to hide.
This version is available in Service Pack 1 for PG5 2.0 (PG5 2.0.150). For PG5 1.4 the S-Web Editor version 5.14.30 can be downloaded from the support site.



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