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Notebooks without RS232 COM-ports need a USB-Port and a USB to RS converter in order to connect a PCD over a serial line. Our experiences has shown that the driver software from some USB to RS-232 converters do not work in all cases (or not at all). This is why SBC tested various converters.


Please refer to the following list of converters which have been tested and found to be working fine with PG5 1.4, 2.0 and PCD8.D81W (for programming PCD7.D7xx displays, version V4.68 and later).

  • Moxa UPort 1110 (RS232) and Moxa UPort 1130 (RS422/485)
    Works on Windows XP and Windows Vista for PG5 1.4 and PG5 2.0
  • BAFO BF-810
    works on Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • ICP-DAS "I-7560"
  • Converter USB2.0 to serial #61460 from
    tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows7 (for Win7 the latest driver is required, see attachment)

Please note that a PCD8.K111 PGU programming cable is still required in order to connect in PGU mode to a PCD (the USB to serial converter does "create" an RS232 port on the PC but it does not cross the Rx/Tx lines which is necessary for RS232 connections).



PCD7 / D7xx

PG5 1.x

PG5 2.0 / USB

PG5 2.0

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