Why the webpage is not displayed on the web-browser of the PC? Error message "Class not found" is displayed (but working fine on MB-webpanel)

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The error message is shown, if the browser on the PC does need a java applet and the java applet is not loaded.

Web-Pages which are created with the S-Web editor does need a java applet.


On the webpanel (Microbrowser) the webpage is visible and works fine, because the java applet is integeated in to the firmware of the webpanel.
But if the webpage is displayed on the browser of the PC, then the browser needs to load the specifc java applet to be able to display the webpage correctly.
If the browser is not able to load the Java applet then the follwoing error message is displayed on the Java console:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: IMasterSaia5_xx_yy.class.

The reason for this behavior is, that the browser on the PC is not able to find the IMasterSaia.jar file.

Add the IMasterSaia.jar file to the PCD either by selecting the file in the web-builder or by copying the file over FTP to the flash card of the PCD.
In case Webconnect is used for the connection it can as well be placed in the Webpages folder on the PC.



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