No communication between a PCD7.D7xx terminal and one or several PCD's

FAQ #100002

There are a couple of common causes in case of a lack of communication. Please take care of the points mentioned below.


There are basically three sources of errors:

  • the wiring: check the attached workshop document for details, remember that in most of the cases 3 bridges are necessary on the MSP. Without these bridges there is no communication
  • the kind of protocol selected: always use S-Bus, don't forget to check whether the S-Bus Station address configured in the PCD8.D81W Software does match with the S-Bus address of the PCD(s)
  • serial port settings: the PCD7.D7xx Terminals use S-Bus Parity Mode and are always master, per default at 9600 baud. Make sure the serial port of the PCD is configured or assigned in S-Bus Parity Slave Mode in the right baudrate


PCD7 / D7xx

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