How to disable borders and scrollbars when running the Microsoft Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode?

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FAQ #101004 describes how to launch the Microsoft IE in the kiosk mode. But without additional settings the scrollbars are always displayed on the browser.


By default, the Webpages are displayed in the browser with a small border all around the web page. This effect forces the web pages to be slightly bigger than the specified size of the S-Web application defined in the S-WebEditor. That's the reason why the scrollbars of the browser are automatically displayed to access the entire web page.

How to disable the scrollbars?
If you don't want these scrollbars you can disable the automatically added borders by manually including a line in your "Start.htm" file.
This line sets the margin to "0" and disables the scrollbars.

Open your "Start.htm" file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and manually add the line as shown in this attached screen capture:



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