What do parameters 'speed' and 'priority' mean which get displayed on the status page of the PCD?

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If you open the standard status page on a PCD there are some additional parameters shown which aren't obvious.


You can display the status page of a PCD with the URL
(address of PCD)/status.htm


Please find the necessary informations in the following text.

Time assigned to the Web Server task in milliseconds.
Range: 1..15
Default: 5
Requirements: PCD3Mxxxx, PCD2M5xxx, Firmware > 1.10.00

Priority of the TCP Web communiction driver in the Web Server.
Range: 1..12 (1 means highest, 12 lowest priority)
Default: 10 (standard port) and 5 (command port)
Requirements: PCD3Mxxxx, PCD2M5xxx, Firmware > 1.10.00



PCD3 / Mxxx

S-Web Technology

PCD2 / M5xxx

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