Why is the same entry created several times by the "HDLog to File" FBox library?

FAQ #101421

In some situations it is possible that the FBox "HDLog to File" is writing the same values several times (even if no change of value has been detected) to the *.csv file.


When viewing the file creatd by the "HDLog to File" FBox it can be observed that in some cases several lines have been created (despite of the fact that the values did not change or the cyclic writing has not been due).

In case a "Write to file" command has been executed (and thus the buffer has been written to the file) and no new values have been written to the buffer, browsing the trends on the S-Web project could lead to re-writing the same (last) value to the file.

The FBox library version listed below do avoid the re-writing of an already written entry to the *.csv file.

  • PG5 1.4.300: HDLog to file FBox library version 2.1.040
  • PG5 2.0.110: HDLog to file FBox library version 2.6.150


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