What file names are allowed in the Web-Editor

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The maximal lenght of all file names in a Webproject is 18 characters (without extention). Special characters and spacees are not supported.


It is possible to define file names with more than 18 characters and special characters or spaces. Unfortunately these cases are not catched by the WebEditor. However, the Web Editor project will not work properly if a file (*.teq, *.gif etc.) has a name that is more than 18 characters. It might be that the file is not downloaded at all and is therefore missing in your project (the 18 characters do not include dot and extention).
If a *.teq file has a file name longer than 18 characters it is possible that the PPO values are not read from the PCD ("no message" is shown instead). It is also possible that only a part of the PPO values is shown.



  • Thisismygif.gif (11 charakters=ok)

  • Thisteqistoolong132.teq (19 charakters=too long)

  • New Gif.gif (Space is used= not allowed!)

  • Hällö.teq (Special character used=not allowed!)


All files in the Web project should be defined according to this rules including the Webproject itself.



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