Is it possible to increase the Heap size for the SBC Micro Browser App for Android smartphones/tablet?

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When you make frequently logs and create a file only every week it is possible that you get the message “File is too big for the heap” on the Micro Browser App on the Android smartphone/tablet.


It's possible to increase the Heap by modifying the file uBrowser.xml which is stored on the smartphone/tablet.
To do this connect the smartphone to the computer and export all config files with the app menu button (Options-> Export Files to SD card).
The config files are saved in the internal flash in the folder “Download”. 
Take the file uBrowser.xml and copy it to the computer, open the file and mofify the parameters.
After that save the file in the same folder “Download” of the smartphone and import all config files with the app menu button (Options-> Import Files from SD card)
For info, since V. (26.04.2013) of the Micro Browser App, the default heap sizes are defined like that:

// Heap for memory allocation of painter objects

MYHEAPSIZE1_KB          2048
// Heap for memory allocation of HTML tags and CO
MYHEAPSIZE2_KB          2048
// Heap for Macro Offline Trends and HDLog Trends (4MB instead of 1MB)
#define MYHEAPSIZE3_KB          4096
// For Macro online trends (4MB instead of 1MB)
#define MYHEAPSIZE4_KB          4096



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