How to change the Favicon of a Web Project

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It is possible to change the favicon (icon in the tab of a browser) to your own wishes, in the following FAQ it is described how to proceed.


You can generate a favicon from your or your customers logo to be represented in the tab of the browser, as default a SBC web logo is displayed:


On the internet you can find tools to convert a picture (*.jpeg, *.png*.gif…) to a file called “favicon.ico”. This file is 16x16 pixel small, therefore it is recommended to use a simple logo. (

The favicon icon must have the file name favicon.ico and has to be added in the webserver, either on a flash memory (folder: /webpages) or in the *.wsp file (Webeditor 5). After this is added in the web server the tab of the browser should look different:


For Webeditor8 you must set up the following options:

If the Webeditor program has to be downloaded to the program memory of the PCD (into a dbx), this can be done with the following webbuilder options:



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