Why the error message ‘no such component found’ is shown on the web page?

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It’s possible, that during the development of the web page in the web-editor8, a copy/paste of a PCD variable name in to a edit field of the web-editor8, does insert at the end of the PCD variable name a (non visible) 'CR''LF' character.

This 'CR''LF' character leads then to situation that the value of the PCD variable is not displayed during runtime and in the field the text ‘no such component found’ is shown.


How to find out if this 'CR''LF' character is present in the variable?
Do open the *.tcr file (located in the bin folder of the web-editor8 project) with an external text editor.

Each PCD variable should be displayed in one line as following:
My_symbolic_var_name;PDP,,PCD_absolute_address,Format; ; ;Format displayed on web-browser; ; ;

For example:
The register 2538 does contain the actual time of the PCD in the format HH:MM and does have the name 'Actual_time'.
In the *.tcr file, this variable should be shown as:
Actual_time;PDP,,R2538,D; ; ;HH:MM; ; ;

If a variable is displayed like this (splitted in two lines) in the tcr file:
;PDP,,R2538,D; ; ;HH:MM; ; ;

Then there is a 'CR''LF' character at the end of the variable name.

Ho to solve the problem?
In web-editor8, on the concerned edit field do change the text type from PCD to INT (so the field content will be cleared) and change again back to the type PCD.
Browse or enter the variable name like Actual_time with the keyboard
(do not use copy and paste of the name)
Compile the project and do check the tcr file with an external text editor.
Now the variable should be displayed in one line.
Actual_time;PDP,,R2538,D; ; ;HH:MM; ; ;

Make attention also to not user the copy/paste function if you use the container offset option and you want to insert the internal variable name.



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