On HTML5 Web-Projects, created with Web-Editor8, why it is not possible to transfer the user and password after a url jump as it was possible on Java/MB?

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On the Web-Editor8 it is possible to ‘transfer’ the user name and the password with the help of session containers, if a url jump to another PCD is executed.

This ‘transfer’ is used to avoid that the user has to enter again the user name/password on the other PCD/Web-Project and works very well on Java and on SBC MB panels.  

But if the Web-Editor8 project is displayed as HTML5 web page then it’s no more possible to transfer the user name/password between different PCD’s and the user has to enter after each url jump his user name/password.

The restriction is not on the Web-Editor8 but on the HTML5 Web-Browser.
Although the HTML5 Web-Browser would have SessionStorage properties, the content of the SessionStorage is cleared in the Browser after each url jump.
Look like that the deleting was introduced to avoid security issues on the Web-Browser

The single sign-on (SSO) authentication which would be suitable for this is not supported in the PCD.

Means that the only solution for HTML5 web pages is, that the user have to enter after each url jump his user name and password to access the web-pages stored on the PCD.


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