Why is the message "syntax error" / "syntax error in tag" displayed instead of a value

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The page is properly displayed but instead of the values from the PCD a syntax error is indicated.


Everything works fine, only the values from the PCD are not displayed. It appears a syntax error instead.


This can happen if the file .tcr is not loaded on the CPU. The two files .tcr and .itc should not be copied to the flash memory card or in the C:\Webpages folder. They have to be implemented in a WebServer Project (.wsp) and downloaded to the CPU. If they are on the flash card or in the Webpages folder this can cause the problem desibed above.

Create a WebServer Project (.wsp) -file in your PG5 project, if it is not already existing. Add the .tcr and .itq file and "Generate" the file. Make a rebuild all and download the project to the CPU. Note that the WebServer Project (.wsp) has to be linked in the project, while the WebEditor Project (.prj) don't has to be linked.



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