Why are the horizontal and vertical lines in web pages created with PG5 2.3.175 and displayed in HTML5 Runtime or TEQ Runtime not displayed horizontally/vertically, but 'skewed' with an offset of one pixel?

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In PG5 2.3.175, due to a bug in Web-Editor8 when compiling the Web-Editor8 project (as HTML5 or Hybrid solution), all horizontal and vertical lines of the Web-Editor project were ‘crooked‘ by 1 pixel and this information was stored in the Web-Editor project.


The bug was fixed in PG5 2.3.192 but unfortunately Web-Editor projects compiled in PG5 2.3.175 as HTML5 or Hybrid solutions, have to be reworked manually in PG5 2.3.192 (or newer).


The information about the issue and how to solve the issue is described on the attached document on the chapter ‘Web-Editor8; Horizontal and vertical lines are displayed with an offset’




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