• PCD2.M5xx0

  • Central processing units

Due to its flat housing design, the SBC PCD2.M5xxx is especially suitable for space-saving applications. The powerful CPU enables the control and regulation functions of complex applications with up to 1,023 central data points. The PCD2 can be expanded by means of plug-in memory modules to become a Lon IP® or BACnet®-enabled controller. The PCD2 has communication interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, RS-485 and AutomationServer On-Board.


System Catalogue : PCD2

Extract 26-215_A0140 System Catalogue : PCD2

Automation Stations - PCD2

ENG18c .pdf 3.00 MB Download
FRA18c .pdf 3.01 MB Download
GER18c .pdf 2.99 MB Download
ITA18c .pdf 3.00 MB Download

PCD2.C1000 Extension module holder for 4 I/O mod.

Datasheet 31-531 PCD2.C1000 Extension module holder for 4 I/O mod.

PCD2.C1000 Expansion module holder with 4 I/O slots

Extension housing with 4 I/O module sockets and 24 VDC power supply for PCD2.M4560 and PCD2.M5540

ENG01 .pdf 1.63 MB Download
FRA01 .pdf 1.66 MB Download
GER01 .pdf 1.62 MB Download
ITA01 .pdf 1.65 MB Download
SPA01 .pdf 1.64 MB Download

DS PCD7.D3100E Nano Browser

Datasheet PP26-494 DS PCD7.D3100E Nano Browser

DE02 .pdf 0.62 MB Download
EN02 .pdf 0.50 MB Download

Manual : PCD2.M5xxx

Manual 26-856 Manual : PCD2.M5xxx

DE13 .pdf 11.43 MB Download
EN13 .pdf 10.66 MB Download
FR13 .pdf 11.90 MB Download
IT13 .pdf 11.58 MB Download


Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

ENG11 .pdf 20.93 MB Download
FRA11 .pdf 19.39 MB Download
GER11 .pdf 21.94 MB Download
ITA11 .pdf 21.09 MB Download

Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

ENG07 .pdf 2.05 MB Download
FRA07 .pdf 3.47 MB Download
GER07 .pdf 3.44 MB Download
ITA07 .pdf 3.46 MB Download

PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Manual 27-649 PCD2.F2xxx - serial interface modules

Physical interfaces for specific protocols

ENG02 .pdf 3.04 MB Download
FRA02 .pdf 3.03 MB Download
GER02 .pdf 2.93 MB Download
ITA02 .pdf 2.97 MB Download

File System and FTP Server

Manual 26-855 File System and FTP Server

ENG08 .pdf 2.25 MB Download
IT07 .pdf 3.35 MB Download

TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

Manual 26-776 TCP/IP - Ethernet for the Saia PCD® Serie

ENG13 .pdf 21.09 MB Download
FRA13 .pdf 20.91 MB Download
GER13 .pdf 10.50 MB Download
IT03 Archive .pdf 4.43 MB Download


Manual 26-867 TCP/IP-Enhancements

ENG05 .pdf 3.55 MB Download
FRA05 .pdf 3.47 MB Download
GER05 .pdf 3.51 MB Download

Leaflet: PCD2.M5xxx

Readme 35-009 Leaflet: PCD2.M5xxx

Saia PCD2.M5xxx controller

ENG05 .pdf 0.11 MB Download

Leaflet: PCD2.C1000

Readme 35-006 Leaflet: PCD2.C1000

Saia PCD2.C1000 extension module holder

ENG04 .pdf 0.16 MB Download

Leaflet: PCD2.C2000

Readme 35-007 Leaflet: PCD2.C2000

Saia PCD2.C2000 extension module holder with internal power supply

ENG08 .pdf 0.17 MB Download

App notes incl. examples PPP, DHCP, DNS and SNTP

Info Application Notes App notes incl. examples PPP, DHCP, DNS and SNTP

DE3 Archive .zip 14.95 MB Download
EN3 Archive .zip 14.73 MB Download

Firmware used in production

The actual COSinus FW 1.20.xx is available from the COSinus firmware page.

Software / Tools

A4 Label PCD2.M5 System

Software A4 Label PCD2.M5 System

Microsoft Word template for labels on PCD2.C1000 (in general it is recommended to use the Device Configurator from PG5 2.0 for printing the labels of a PCD2.M5xxx)

EN Archive .zip 0.04 MB Download

GSD Files

Software GSD Files

GSD files for SBC slaves

EN .ZIP 0.81 MB Download

You need at least PG5 1.4.300 to configure your PCD2.M5xx0.

EPLAN product macros, DWG and DXF files can be found here.

Good to know

When upgrading from firmware 1.10.xx or 1.14.xx to 1.16.xx/1.20.xx the memory of the PCD will be lost, see FAQ 101535.

The differences between firmware version 1.16.69 and 1.22.xx are listed in in FAQ 101820.

The differences between firmware version 1.16.27 and 1.16.69 are listed in FAQ 101624.

The differences between firmware version 1.14.23 and 1.16.27 are listed in FAQ 101624.

The differences between firmware version 1.10.51 and 1.14.23 are listed in FAQ 101470.

When using SD Cards on the PCD it is strongly recommended updating to firmware 1.10.51 or later, see FAQ 101377.

PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

  • It's possible to connect SBC PCD's directly to the internet? (FAQ #102060)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.51? (FAQ #102058)
  • Why does the PCD2.M5540 show the history error message 'FABINFO CRC FAIL' or the entry 'Fab. Date (year/week): 2000/00; BAD PROD INFO CHECKSUM' in the diagnostic file and in the hardware info of the PG5 Online configurator? (FAQ #102040)
  • Why the RS-485 S-Bus communication between the PCD master and the slave does fail sometime, if FW 1.28.20…1.28.33 is used? (FAQ #102026)
  • PCD Firmware 1.28.16 or 1.24.69 fix the Ethernet frame padding information leakage (FAQ #102011)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.51? (FAQ #102010)
  • Lon Bindings lost after power off / on with FW 1.26.15 (FAQ #101999)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.24.67 and FW 1.26.31? (FAQ #101987)
  • What is the meaning of the PCD history entry ‘FWDnld UnknownFW’? (FAQ #101959)
  • How to find more information based on the error message "SF not loaded"? (FAQ #101568)
  • What does CSF stand for? (FAQ #101566)
  • Which hardware revision of the PCD2.M5_ is needed for firmware 1.14.23? (FAQ #101490)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.10.51 and 1.14.23? (FAQ #101470)
  • Why can't I send more than 512 bytes using the STXT instruction? (FAQ #101468)
  • Can I have more than 16 COBs? (FAQ #101467)
  • Why is the error bit 7 or 8 set when I try to execute a "Backup DB to flash"? (FAQ #101466)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.10.16 and 1.10.51? (FAQ #101422)
  • How to define a comma as separator in interpreted texts? (FAQ #101392)
  • Potential data loss on SD cards bigger than 256 MBytes (FAQ #101377)
  • Overview of the current production firmware versions (FAQ #101304)
  • What does "Saia PCD® COSinus" stand for? (FAQ #101297)
  • How to implement a software watchdog (FAQ #101285)
  • Why does the S-I/O communication no longer work on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5? (FAQ #101244)
  • What is the "WebServer2" on Saia PCD® COSinus systems? (FAQ #101191)
  • Can I calulate with IEEE floating point values on a PCD system? (FAQ #101188)
  • Can I read a value from a PCD text and copy it into a register? (FAQ #101187)
  • Is it possible to search an expression within a PCD text? (FAQ #101186)
  • Why do I sporadically get communication errors when connecting a PCD/PCS in "Secure S-Bus Data Mode"? (FAQ #101180)
  • The XOB 8 is no longer called on the systems Saia PCD® COSinus. (FAQ #101137)
  • What criterias are to be fulfilled for sending e-Mails from the PCD? (FAQ #101054)
  • Why do I get a "68k add Error" when writing a text on the S-Web Server? (FAQ #101049)
  • Why is the message: "Failed to get data on alarm.exe" displayed on the alarming page? (FAQ #100963)
  • Is it possible reading the PCD "IP address" from the user program? (FAQ #100952)
  • How does the system watchdog work? (FAQ #100908)
  • Why are broadcast telegramms not working anymore on the PCD3 or PCD2.M480 (FAQ #100798)
  • New firmware version names for Saia PCD® COSinus systems (a.bb.cc) (FAQ #100741)
  • Different handling of the TBSY flag (in MC mode) between PCD3 / PCD2.M5 and older systems (FAQ #100655)
  • Booter update on PCD2.M150 (FAQ #100606)
  • Firmware download on a PCD2.M150 (FAQ #100598)
  • S-Bus Slave on Port 3 doesn't work with FW 020 on the M480 (FAQ #100389)
  • lose Hardware settings after Firmware update (FAQ #100366)
  • FW depending differences in the handling of the diagnosic flags (FAQ #100321)
  • Incompatibility of old FW and new Profibus DP configurator (FAQ #100319)
  • Which Flash chip to use for which usage? (FAQ #100309)
  • Error LED of PCD is lit! How to find the problem? (FAQ #100269)
  • What EPROM burner is recommended to create firmware chips for PCD's? (FAQ #100256)
  • Baudrate limitation on serial ports (FAQ #100252)
  • Communication interface isn't reset on SW watchdog restart with option XOB0 enabled (FAQ #100243)
  • Software Watchdog mustn't be used with FW 0C1 on PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100218)
  • Firmware version naming of non-Saia PCD® COSinus systems (FAQ #100176)
  • Not all History entries can be found in the Online Help of PG5 (FAQ #100173)
  • Why is the instruction DSP not supported on Saia PCD® COSinus systems? (FAQ #100034)

PCD2 / M5xxx

  • On a PCD2.M4560 or PCD3.M5560, why the measured PT100 temperature values are not correct if the PT100 sensors are connected to PCD2.W220Z18 or PCD3.W220Z18 modules? (FAQ #102052)
  • Why the PCD2.C1000 and the PCD2.C2000 with production date calendar week 20 to 36 of the year 2021 does not work well? (FAQ #102051)
  • Why do the output of the PCD2/3.W6x5 not deliver stable signals? (FAQ #102014)
  • Inputs of a W525 could be perturbed from an other input? (FAQ #102007)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.24.67 and FW 1.26.31? (FAQ #101987)
  • MUKE error 100xxxxxH (FAQ #101933)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.22.48 and FW 1.24.69? (FAQ #101921)
  • How many onboard I/O are available on a PCD2.M5x40? (FAQ #101907)
  • Can the PCD7.R610 SD card memory be used on any PCD device? (FAQ #101890)
  • It's possible to connect a Ethernet Port of a PCD directly to Power over Ethernet (PoE)? (FAQ #101847)
  • Why is there an offset to the current PCD time in the Trending timestamp of a Web project if the FW 1.20.nn is used? (FAQ #101834)
  • On PCD2.M5 and PCD3 CPU's without Ethernet port and equipped with the FW 1.20.25, it's not possible to communicate over the port 0 and 1. (FAQ #101823)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.16.69 and COSinus FW 1.22.61? (FAQ #101820)
  • On a NT PCD the S-Bus slave gateway port doesn't communicate after programm restart of the gateway PCD! (FAQ #101802)
  • Why is the modem "MDLS144 onbit" no longer working on a new PCD? (FAQ #101718)
  • Why does the PCD no longer run due to "BNt FAIL AI00006"? (FAQ #101712)
  • Why does the user program no longer work correctly after a restore from flash? (FAQ #101680)
  • Why does the PCD7.F7500 does not work on the PCD2.M5540? (FAQ #101655)
  • Why has the PCD lost the program while updating the firmware to 1.16.xx? (FAQ #101625)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.14.23 and 1.16.69? (FAQ #101624)
  • What for is the "Extension memory backup size" in the Device Configurator used? (FAQ #101623)
  • How does the "Backup user program to file system" on PCD3 and PCD2.M5 work? (FAQ #101622)
  • Important remark when updating the PCD firmware to 1.16.xx (FAQ #101587)
  • Important remark when updating the PCD firmware from 1.10.xx or 1.14.xx to 1.16.xx/1.20.xx (FAQ #101535)
  • Why is the USB communication to my PCD lost after a program download? (FAQ #101518)
  • What do parameters 'speed' and 'priority' mean which get displayed on the status page of the PCD? (FAQ #101513)
  • Which hardware revision of the PCD2.M5_ is needed for firmware 1.14.23? (FAQ #101490)
  • Why do I get IP communication errors from time to time on a PCD2.M554x? (FAQ #101473)
  • How to extend the amount of available Flags on a PCD? (FAQ #101447)
  • What are the reasons for a "Bus Error" on a PCD2.M5 or a PCD3? (FAQ #101418)
  • Why does the PCD2.R6000 not work if a PCD2.C2000 is used on the same system? (FAQ #101414)
  • Firmware dependencies for the "DB Access Library" (FAQ #101372)
  • Is the "full duplex" mode supported by the Ethernet ports of a PCD? (FAQ #101365)
  • Why are the inputs 8100 and 8101 continously "high" in my fupla file? (FAQ #101363)
  • Why does the PCD go into halt when using temporary data (TEQU)? (FAQ #101293)
  • Meaning of the error codes for DB backup to flash (FAQ #101284)
  • Why are the DBs not correctly restored after a "restore program from flash"? (FAQ #101279)
  • Is Modbus supported by Saia PCD®s? (FAQ #101270)
  • A PCD2.W3x0 conflicts with a PCD2.F2xx0 or a PCD2.R6000 on a PCD2.M5xxx (FAQ #101262)
  • If I do change the TCP/IP settings of the PCD2.M5 CPU with the eDisplay (PCD7.D3100E), when are the new TCP/IP settings are activated? (FAQ #101168)
  • Is parity mode working on all ports of PCD3 and PCD2.M5 CPU? (FAQ #101103)
  • Is it possible to use two different TCP/IP addresses for the two TCP/IP connectors of the PCD2.M5 CPU? (FAQ #101097)
  • Why do the onboard outputs on a PCD2.M5xxx not work? (FAQ #100944)
  • Why doesn't my CPU go in RUN after download, even if this download option has been activated? (FAQ #100942)
  • On the Profibus-DP or Profi-S-I/O master it isn't possible to read or write registers with address > 4095 from the slave (FAQ #100927)
  • What is the minimum distance between PCD2.Mxxx CPUs and PCD2.C1xx extension rack? (FAQ #100892)
  • How to dump the memory of a PCD (with Saia PCD® COSinus firmware)? (FAQ #100833)
  • RTS and CTS signs are crossed on Slot A#1 and A#2 (Hardware Version A and Prototypes) of the PCD2.M5540 (FAQ #100831)
  • Can I use the character mode with XON/XOFF protocol on NT-PCD's? (FAQ #100700)
  • Why does a PCD7.F120 not work when used on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5? (FAQ #100646)
  • Is it possible to download an xx7 firmware to a classic PCD and invers? (FAQ #100557)
  • Why does the "Error 335:...Invalid register number" appear on build? (FAQ #100491)
  • New systems do not support the baudrates below 1200Baud (FAQ #100394)
  • MPI communication on the Profi-S-Net port of a PCD2.M480, PCD2.M5xxx or PCD3.Mxxxx (FAQ #100284)
  • PCD7.D7xx terminal works on PGU port of PCD2.M110 but not on PGU port of PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100188)
  • Why the LED's of the Profi-S-Link adapter (PCD8.K120) are not switched on? (FAQ #100177)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.